1917Hideo Tsumura founded “Tsumura Gabo”
1948Yoshimasa Hamada took over “Tsumura Gabo” and founded as “Tsumura Kogeisha”
1957Established “Tsumura Kogei Co., Ltd.” Yoshimasa Hamada became president
1961Established “Mainichi Butai Co., Ltd.”
1971Established “Tsumura Enterprise Co., Ltd.”
1973Received the Osaka Prefectural “Osaka Cultural Festival Award” for the production of the opera
“The Power of Fate”
1975Opened a general production factory “Settsu Factory”
1989Established “TGM Co., Ltd.”
1990Susumu Hamada became president
1991Opened “Tokyo Office”
1992Increased capital to 60 million yen
1999Donated to the UNESCO World Heritage Fund as part of the 50th anniversary project
2003Established “Hyogo T2 Co., Ltd.”
2011Established “Tsumura Kogei (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.”
2021Have been receiving a courtesy from the West Tax Office as an “Excellent Declaration Corporation” since 1975


NameTsumura Kogei Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeSusumu Hamada, President
LocationsOsaka: 2-12-24 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0003 TEL: +81-6-6448-2761 Tokyo: Ichiboshishiba Bldg.5F 2-2-14 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014 TEL: +81-3-6809-5222
EstablishedDecember 14, 1957
Capital60 million yen
Board MembersSusumu Hamada   President
Masahiro Otani    Senior Managing Director
Kazuhiko Ikeda   Director
Keiji Ueyama    Director
Tsuyoshi Hamada  Director
Yuichi Yoneta    Director
Tomohisa Fujita   Auditor
Shigeharu Seto   Accounting advisor
Licenses and QualificationsFirst-class registered architect office
Special Construction License
(general building work / interior finishing work)
Interior Planner
(Japan Architectural Education and Information Center)
Commercial Space Designer
(Japanese Technical Organization for Commercial Spaces)
Event Manager
(Japan Association for Promotion of Creative Events)
Specified Worker Dispatching Undertaking, authorized by Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
Affiliated CompaniesTsumura Enterprise Co., Ltd.
TGM Co., Ltd. Mainichi Butai Co., Ltd. Hyogo T2 Co., Ltd.
Main BankMizuho Bank Nanba Branch